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Innovative leadership training that truly creates self-awareness.

All teams need to stop from time to time and work on their own development to create the conditions for a supportive climate and synergistic results.

Is your management team living up to its potential? Are you achieving your goals? Are you able to handle tough changes? And do you dare to talk about the difficult things that sometimes happen under the surface, in secret? And most difficult of all: Are you able to give each other feedback that is not just a reflection of yourselves?

Ann Askenberger has been coaching leaders in organizations and business for over 25 years. She is educated at INSEAD, where in 2021 she wrote her Master Thesis on an exciting psychological phenomenon among top managers, which became the basis for her self-developed method for leadership development, honey-ghost-trap®.

Ann's experience and expertise make her offers flexible and multifaceted, which can be adapted to the customer's needs and wishes.
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Ann is a true professional. She sees, listens and reads the people in the room. And based on where the group is right now, she takes us on an insightful development journey.

- Chris Hester, Chairman of the Board of the Spritmuseum and former County Governor

Ann Askenberger's method for leadership development

What is honey-ghost-trap®? The method provides participants with greater self-awareness and challenges old limited beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve. Participants simply become more aware of themselves and the choices they make, don't make and could make. This in turn leads to new perspectives and a more realistic view of what a good leader should be. The method can be used on its own or as a complement to existing leadership programs.

"Your Shadow is your Strength"

This book is written for those who lead others in some way or who want to take greater ownership of their own lives. It is about the most important and complex relationship you have: the one between your best self and the one you don't want or dare to be, the one we call The Shadow.
The book is available in both Swedish and English.

I have rarely met such a credible consultant as Ann Askenberger. She has all the theory in her blood, is genuinely knowledgeable and lives as she teaches.
- Ann Carlsson, CEO Systembolaget

Working with the shadow gave us a common language. We could relate to each other and dare to be who we are. It made us more authentic and 'bigger': we could put on a bigger suit. The tool took it all many steps deeper. It gave me many insights.
- Marie Krüeger, CEO Almi

What I think Ann has been able to do very successfully with her approach is to make the shadow accessible. She has taken quite a complex idea and turned it into something that still is very clinically and theoretically robust, but is actually quite accessible and easy to understand.
- Laurence Barrett author of the book "A Jungian Approach to Coaching. The Theory and Practice of Turning Leaders into People"

It is a pleasure to work with Ann Askenberger. She is so knowledgeable, inspiring and structured. Has both breadth and depth. She is quick to capture the moods of the room. I always get new insights when I discuss with Ann.
- Helena Martini, HR Manager Atrium Ljungberg

I have had the privilege of participating in the process of understanding my shadows with you as a coach. Got greater self-insight and great help in my leadership!
Thanks for that!
- Thomas Erseus, CEO AMF
Fastigheter AB

Very good seminar with Ann Askenberger. The way of working with the digital format was probably the best I have seen. Also, it feels like you are building on newer theories and insights and not what was learned at university 30 years ago.
- Thomas Jönsson, Head of Communications and IR Veoneer

Ann Askenberger


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