I help leaders discover more sides of themselves.

Most leadership trainings are about bringing out the best in leaders. I believe more in exploring all sides of the leader.

I’ve created a concept I call the honey-ghost-trap. It’s based on Jung’s theory that everyone has a shadow side.

Here leaders come to understand that what they dislike and admire in others may be their own strength and greatest potential. The more traits a manager has access to, the more likely they are to choose the right behavior in the right context.

Honey-ghost-trap is a complete concept. The basis is a coaching method for both individuals and teams, which takes place online or in workshop form. It can be adapted to and complement existing leadership programmes. In addition, there is an online course, a book and the opportunity to learn how to coach others on this method.

Would you also like to get the key to your hidden and forgotten sides?

My method makes Jung’s theory simple and understandable. In a short time it creates invaluable insights for leaders at all levels.

-Ann Askenberger

Do you need help in your leadership work?

Sometimes managers’ demands on themselves are completely unreasonable. As well as delivering results and being available to employees, colleagues and customers, they see it as their job to be smiling cheerleaders and all-knowing superheroes. It takes a lot out of them to think they can do it all and who should always be motivating others. Underneath the manager’s Superman suit is an ordinary person with faults and merits, strengths and weaknesses. We all have many layers. Only when we know all sides of ourselves can we learn to live with them and benefit from them. No one is born a leader, and no one is ever ”finished” as a leader. Leadership is about leading your team, yourself and your organisation.

All parts are needed and none can be ignored. Even management teams need to stop and work on their own development from time to time. For a management group to function optimally, it also needs to work on internal issues around the work of the group to create the conditions for a supportive climate and synergistic results.

Is the management team living up to its potential? Are you achieving the goals you have set? Are your meetings energizing and inspiring? Are you coping with tough changes? And do you dare to talk about what is going on under the surface – and which has a major impact on your chances of achieving real success?

Why settle for your best self, when you can discover your whole self?

– Ann Askenberger